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Using WEBVTT subtitles

Hi Everyone!

How could webvtt subtitles be used instead of CEA-608 subtitles for subtitling a live stream? And the other question Is it possible to add subtitles from an external source to the video stream from wowza cloud?

Does anyone have an idea of which way to go?


Hello @Gabor_Simor sorry you didn’t get an answer on this our forums software was having some issues last week.

So for WV, it’s only CEA-608 at this time.

But, you could deliver webvtt through Streaming Engine, we do not have it on the roadmap at this time to offer that through Wowza Video.

Here is the Streaming Engine information on it:

Supported outputs

The following outputs can be translated from any of the supported input sources:

  • onTextData events in RTMP live streams.
  • CEA-608 formatted SEI data in the video track in HLS live streams.
  • WebVTT text tracks in HLS live streams.