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Using Wowza cloud live streaming with multi audio selection

Hi guys, did anyone implement multi audio streaming via Wowza cloud before? (Instead of Wowza engine)

Searched online but must of the solutions are for Wowza engine instead of Wowza cloud. Do let me know how I can go about doing this. Thanks!

We recently set this up for a very large live event producer company. Wowza Streaming Engine is the origin configured as an HTTP provider to serve audio and caption streams for Wowza Streaming Cloud CDN (Fastly). It does require a custom configuration, but it works exceptionally well, even with multiple live encoder sources. Playback is possible using a standard media player (THEOplayer) with all the audio and caption tracks, selectable, where you’d expect them. If you’re interested in more detail, send an email to and refer to this post.