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Using Wowza Streaming Engine to create group video and live streaming?

Can I’m using Wowza Streaming Engine to create group video(for meeting) and live streaming group? Any ideas for that?
Thanks for help!

Welcome to the community @Nguyen_Truong_Sa.

We will need more information to direct you. Are you looking for a meeting where people are live and interact like in a Zoom meeting? How many people in the group?

WebRTC will allow you to have a meeting with a very small group of people with a composite screen, but only one speaker is live at a time. We do not provide a meeting solution like Zoom.

If you are looking for a live speaker presenting a meeting to a group of viewers who are watching live and the speaker can screenshare while they speak, then we can support that with WebRTC. I think though you are looking for the entire group to be live and interact with each other and that we don’t currently offer.