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Using x265 encoding for live streaming

Hi, I want to use ffmpeg and libx265 for encoding live streams. I’m using this command for encoding: ffmpeg -re -rtbufsize 8196k -framerate 25 -f dshow -i video="—":audio="—" -c:v libx264 -f rtsp rtsp://user:pass@[wowza-ip-address]:1935/live/abyek Right now I have no problem with libx264 in this command, but I intend to use libx265. by replacing libx264 to libx265 in my command, I get only sound. video cannot be decoded. Whcih protocol I should use? Is RTSP suitable or I have to change it? Thanks

Hello @Mahdi Ghorbanpour,

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Ingesting an H.265 encoded stream with Wowza Engine is supported over MPEG-TS and RTP. More details about this in release notes for Wowza Engine 4.4.1.

You could probably setup ffmpeg to create the stream and an SDP file and then have Wowza Engine pull the stream over RTP and see how that works for you.


Alex C.