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Value of EXT-X-TARGETDURATION is not changed

i used wowza 4.7.5 free trial.

EXT-X-TARGET DURATION and EXTINF are not set as intended. I made the following settings at wowza.

cupertinoChunkDurationTarget: 5000

cupertinoMaxChunkCount: 10

cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount: 2

The contents of the m3u8 file are now below.









I changed the value of cupertinoChunkDurationTarget from 5000 to 4000 or 3000, but EXT-X-TARGETDURATION remained 9 all the time.

I want to set the ts file size to 5, but it will not be changed.

How can I change it?

@noriaki hangyo, check the key frame interval (a.k.a GOP size) of your source. HLS chunks must always start with a key frame, and thus the smallest chunk size is the same as the key frame interval. If that’s a larger number than your cupertinoChunkDurationTarget setting, then Wowza will automatically adjust.