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Very poor quality playback

I have successfully integrated goCoderSDK for iOS in my app. I am using RTSP for streaming and MobileVLCKit to play the stream. But the problem is video quality is very bad. I have tested free iOS GoCoder app and setting up all the things it works very fine and video quality is also very good. Please see the following details. I am looking for the help, thanks.

Broadcast Configuration:

self.goCoderConfig = WowzaConfig()

self.goCoderConfig.hostAddress = “”

self.goCoderConfig.portNumber = 1935

self.goCoderConfig.username = “”

self.goCoderConfig.password = “”

self.goCoderConfig.applicationName = “App”

self.goCoderConfig.streamName = “myStream”

self.goCoderConfig.videoWidth = 1280

self.goCoderConfig.videoHeight = 720

self.goCoderConfig.videoBitrate = 3750

self.goCoderConfig.videoFrameRate = 30

self.goCoderConfig.videoKeyFrameInterval = 30

self.goCoderConfig.broadcastScaleMode = .aspectFit

self.goCoderConfig.broadcastVideoOrientation = .sameAsDevice

self.goCoder?.config = self.goCoderConfig

I have tested playback with the Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS and VLC player of mac and iOS. I got the same result on every player.