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Video and Audio Streaming via WAN

Hi There,
I would like to have a screen on a wall showing 15min Video file on a loop on mute, but people coming to the place should be able to scan QRCode and listen to the screen on their mobile phone via a web browser, not a mobile app.

The audio and video should be in sync, as people in the place shall use their phone as a speaker.

Please let me know if you have any question.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Nima Eskandari

The use case is pretty straightforward until the 2nd paragraph.

I’m assuming you want user#1’s audio to be in sync with user#2s, as well as in sync with the silent video on the wall? How closely synced do you need them to be? (This determines technology choices)

Thank you for your comment, the video content is not speech only, so I would say anything less than a second is acceptable.

Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for.

So 1 second difference between wall video and phone audio is acceptable.

What about difference between phone1 audio and phone 2 audio? Do they need to be in sync? How close is “in sync”?


As long as phone1 audio and phone 2 audio uses have less than one sec with the silent video on the wall it’s fine. Basically, their phones should just enable them to hear the audio, so they can watch the screen.


Thanks for the info on A/V sync. I think your requirements could be handled with ‘off the shelf’ tech available in Wowza. (I originally understood your requirements to be much tighter around AV sync, in which case it would be a bit more complicated)


I don’t have the bandwidth for a few months but pointed a colleague to this page.

BTW, you can reach me at


Hi Scott, Thank you for your time and assistance. that sounds good. thanks!

Hi Nima, Scott pointed me to this thread. Let’s set up time for a call. You can reach me at

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