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Video Chat: multiple users in single stream


I am trying to implement a multi-way video chat/video conferencing with Wowza.

From what I had gathered from the video chat example, it tends to create a stream for ech participant.

Two way:

User1->( publish new stream as streamUser1)->User2 starts viewing(playing) streamUser1

User2->( publish new stream as streamUser2)->User1 starts viewing(playing) streamUser2


User1->( publish new stream as streamUser1)->User1…UserN start viewing(playing) streamUser1, streamUser2,…streamUserN

User2->( publish new stream as streamUser2)->User1…UserN start viewing(playing) streamUser1, streamUser2,…streamUserN

UserN->( publish new stream as streamUserN)->User1…UserN start viewing(playing) streamUser1, streamUser2,…streamUserN

Is this logic correct? I think there must be a simple way, such as passing User1-UserN’s name/login within a single stream (read Room).

Any direction would be appreciated.



By the way, i had seen Wowza/Flex AV Chat example but not sure if this Flex example can handle conferencing multiple users…

The VideoChat example that ships with Wowza shows the bare essentials of video chat in terms of publishing and subscribing in a Flash RTMP client. “User presence” is not part of that example, i.e. a list of other clients/users that are connected to that app. The Flex example, which is very old but relevant, adds user presence managed through SharedObjects, which is what you are asking about. So that one is a good starting place for you.


Thanks Richard. I also thought so. Primarily passing on viewer name or other variables involves SharedObjects, no other way, correct? Need to combine both examples together for the desired result.

Will post updates/results on the progress.