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Video chat with multiple cameras support

Could you please help me where to get started? I want develop video chat with multiple cameras support. Video captured from cameras must be synchronized in time and combined to single video stream as picture-in-picture format. Whould it be possible to implement by using wowza? What online resources I should to use to learn the subject?

Wowza doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box tools to synchronize the video or to stitch the videos together as PiP. The latter is possible to implement if you develop a custom module that merges the two videos during a transcoding process. But synchronizing them can be quite tricky, as typically the sources don’t have a synchronized embedded timestamp.

Yes, it will be very tricky to synchronize two streams. What I would do, is create the PiP before you add it to Wowza. You can e.g. use OBS Studio or ffmpeg to create a PiP and then send that to your Wowza server for Streaming.

Thank you Karel for the answer. When I say synchronized in time I mean exactly like in the following example . As you can see there is PiP and two video looks synced. I need implement exactly the same. Do you think it is quite tricky ?