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We have servers with wowza 4 and a few still which we haven’t upgrade and running on wowza 3. The issue is that on wowza 3 it is easy to create a live app change the stream type to default, enter a path for the saving of the videos and that’s it, the app will record the live broadcast and the same app will then stream the videos just like vod. this is useful for video comments scripts like the wordpress plugin contus ( ). Now with the wowza 4 the engine manager doesn’t setup this kind app,at least we haven’t had any success. is there a way to do it?



You could look at enabling our nDVR AddOn. This creates a live stream and also records at the same time, allowing viewers to pause, rewind and fast-forward as well as jump forward to the live stream.

yes Paul, but this costs $20 per stream and it is difficult for a web hosting to bill it to a customer.

the option to record and stream later on was available on the wowza 3, really is there no way to implement it without the addon on wowza 4?


I tried on 3 wowza 4 servers, the recorded file is always 160 bytes. I used the wordpress plugin


if I use a wowza 3 the full file is recorded.

I have a demo installed at:

Hi Paul,

on wowza 3 I create a live app, change the stream type live-record enter the location to save files and that it.

on wowza 4 I login to engine manager create a Live app and select “Record all incoming streams”

the wowza 3 app will record the files comment but the wowza 4 rtmp the file will be 160 bytes only. I suppose it is the plugin which is not compatible with the wowza4? what do you think.


Maybe I misunderstood your question. So you don’t want to simultaneously have the ability to stream live, and offer DVR type facilities (i.e. live and recorded playback at the same time). You want to use the same application to stream live and record it, and then play back the recording using the same app? If so that is possible by a simple edit of your Application.xml file. Firstly create a Live application, and edit it via the Manager UI to “Record all incoming streams” - this will set the StreamType in your live Application.xml to “live-record” and will record as soon as streaming starts.

Or alternatively, just create a normal Live application, and control when to record either via the Stream Record button in the Manager UI, or via the Live Stream Record URL method. When the live stream has ended (and so the recording has stopped), the recording will be playable. You can then change the StreamType in your live app to default, and it will playback the recorded mp4 file (the recording path by default will be unchanged). Seems a bit messy though when you could just have a VOD app that would do the same thing. But maybe I’ve still not quite got what you are after.



Sorry, I’m not aware of this plugin or how it integrates with Wowza. What type of Wowza app are you using and what protocols etc? A live-record app with RTMP or something different?



Yes it could well be due to the plugin not being compatible with v4. Unfortunately we can’t cater for how third party plugins interact with Wowza. I’d suggest getting in touch with the plugin developer to see if he can see any reason for the differences.

Kind regards,


Hi again,

One thing you may wish to investigate is how you are recording your live streams using Wowza Streaming Engine. Version 4 defaults to storing recordings in an MP4 container. Looking at the plugin site it seems very orientated towards FLV. It may be worth changing the default stream prefix via the Engine Manager UI (Server Setup / Edit / Default Stream Prefix) and set it to FLV rather than the default of MP4. Maybe the plugin is looking for files in FLV containers?

Also, can you post your config for the plugin? Just to see if there’s anything obviously different that may be relevant now you’re testing on version 4?