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Video is unstable when TCP connection with webRTC

I’d like to implement video chat with TCP connection at wowza’s WebRTC now, The picture stops and it gets stuck. Could you tell me if there is any workaround? Chrome uses version 56.0.2924.87, and firefox uses version 51.0.1.

Hello @aaa aaa

This is being worked on with case #219135. Please send requested files within the case.



Thank you for your reply

I am using the sample of wowza webRTC now.

This is the file we are using

I will need more info to further investigate. It this issue happening in Chrome and Firefox for you? If so, what versions? Please send the below info to the support case you created #219135 to make sure your files delivered is secure.


[install-dir]/logs (only latest logs showing connection attempts is needed.)
-Browser Developer Tools console output log copied into a text document.

If files are too big for email transport, please send a link.


was this ever resoved?

Hello @Cai Black

Customer did not respond back to this ticket. This was likely a network issue.