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Video.js for Wowza Streaming Cloud

I read a lot about Video.js, and Wowza but I don’t see anywhere how to use them together for live streaming.
What’s the address (beside the m3u8 that allow to go back on the video) that I need to use with Video.js?
Can somebody point me in a good direction?

You need to take the playback url Cloud provides for you when you have configured your stream in the manager, but you need to play the m3u8 file in a browser or app that supports HLS natively like Safari or iOS mobile phones. There is a Chrome browser for mobile that supports HLS now.

The simplest way of testing your .m3u8 URL on an iOS device is to use Safari. Simply plug in the URL from Wowza to Safari address bar. Again, you can also test it in an iOS phone that has native support for HLS with the built-in player.

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com
thanks for your answer, but it’s not very clear to me.
How do I embed the live streaming (without using the m3u8) with Video.js?

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com ,
how can I use Video.js, it’s so strange that there is not a guide.
What should I feed it?