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Video mixing within Wowza Streaming Engine

Hi all,

We are looking to replace our home-grown ffmpeg-powered transcoding/broadcasting server with Wowza, but we absolutely need to be able to do video overlay (picture in picture) using multiple RSTP / RTMP inputs. I realize Wowza doesn’t do this natively, so I’m researching options. My question to you folks is as follows:

(1) Is there a 3rd party plugin for Wowza that does this? If so, where can I get it?

(2) Is it possible to build a simple plugin that would offload the actual mixing/transcoding to another app (ffmpeg or the likes) and return it back to Wowza for transcoding (if needed) and distribution? I’ve never developed in Java before, but I have done a lot of Python, Perl and PHP, not to mention some Ruby and various forms of BASIC. Would it be a considerable amount of work?

What I’m after is a solution that allows our production crew the ability to manage everything (like specifying the various RSTP / RTMP inputs) from within Wowza. We don’t want them to have to jump between home-made, clunky, half-finished UIs that we’ve developed in little to no time as they are doing now.

Thanks in advance for thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc.


This is possible with Wowza Streaming Engine via the Java API and I suspect the best approach is either

i) Post in the Find a Consultant Forum Here

ii) Open a ticket with support who should be able to provide further information on who may be able to help.

There are several aspects to your request and as guidance will require quite a bit of work to fulfill your requirements.