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Video not stored in my content foler

I am using Wowza Live streaming functionality in my android application. I have downloaded the sample demo from below link :

I am executing the sample demo, after installing Wowza Stream Engine in my mac.

The demo is working fine, I am able to connect and disconnect. The issue is with storing functionality.

I come to know that :

If you’re recording the stream it will be stored in the content directory allocated to the application. The default storage directory is the [Wowza-Install]/content/ directory.

But, After Live Stream disconnects, I am not finding any video stored in my content directory.

What might be issue ? Thanks.

Hi @Ronin App, on the home screen when you run the Android sample on your device, you will see the option in the menu for Capture an MP4 file. This will record a live stream to the device as an mp4. You can configure it there. I hope that helps.

If it is still not stored after you do that, please let me know.