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video on demand streaming with jwplayer wowza android issue

I try to make jwplayer work on android phone when I put rtsp protocol file source it work fine in android but display an error that file can not be played in iOS and PC

without rtsp file source work on pc and iOS fine with rtsp file source work only in android

            playlist: [{
                sources: [
                        {file:'rtmp://localhost:1935/vod/mp4:dexter.mp4'},//used it to PC 
                        {file:'rtsp://localhost:1935/dexter/dexter.mp4'},// used it to android
                        {file:'http://localhost:1935/vod/mp4:dexter.mp4/playlist.m3u8'}//and this for iOS                       
                title: 'dexter',
        width: 854,
        height: 480,

I’m not sure I understand your question but at first glance this may just be a typo. I think you need to add commas after each source entry:

sources: [






Are you able to play the Apple HLS stream with your Android phone?

See the article below more details on troubleshooting RTP/RTSP playback and how to play a Cupertino (Apple HLS) stream on Android phones,



the commas after each source it al ready exist and work fine

the problem when I put rtsp protocol path to make the video work in android devices but other browsers the video display an error couldn’t find the video ,And when I delete the rtsp protocol path it works fine in other browsers but not at android device