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Video packet is dropped when using liverepeater

I use liverepeater for my service.
Original rtmp stream is played well on player, but relayed rtmp stream is choppy.
By capturing packet, I find that some video packet is missing in the relayed.

Weird thing is that the situation is occured only when using rtmp.
Played the stream with HLS, stream has no problem and play well.

How can I debug this?

More information is required, what player are you using for the RTMP playback?

Can you share an example of your origin and edge urls and be sure to block out any private info.

Any messages from the logs that may be helpful?


I use ffplay for RTMP playback.
When the screen is freezed, A-V gap is widen. (1~2 seconds)
When recovered, A-V gap is near 0 second.

The broadcast is carried out irregularly. So, you might not access it.
About log, there is nothing that is related the channel.
I can give you packet capture file which is captured from origin and edge, if you needed.
( I cannot upload files because of extension restriction.)

We can only debug in a support ticket where we require full access to your Engine files and logs.
It’s impossible for us to guess without full access is why we do that way and we want to accurately diagnose it for you so it can be resolved.

The only thing I could guess for packets dropping are:

  1. Lack of bandwidth (lower the bitrate)

  2. Network congestion (close all programs running in the background)

  3. You do not have enough CPU

  4. The distance from source to playback is too far to travel.

  5. You may need to tune your Engine server for performance:

It’s almost always an issue at the source when it comes to packets dropping, so check all your encoder settings. It can be an issue with the distance from origin to edge, so please send us a support ticket and we’ll get it quickly diagnosed with our testing tools.