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Video rotation and flickering issue.


My app support only portrait mode.

I set Broadcast Video Orientation to AlwaysPortrait in wowza config.

When device set only in portrait mode then streaming is working fine on rotate device and change camera, But When I unset device portrait mode(device support landscape) and rotate device on live stream video is also display in landscape mode and display in small on the viewer’s video player.

Also when change camera on live stream, it is flickering the video in viewer’s video player.


Ritesh Darji.

Hello @Ritesh Darji, you can check this post and SDK settings chart to see if changing those settings fix the issue.

  • You can also enter “Portrait” in the search bar above and browse several related posts and solutions.

Please be aware that Wowza is discontinuing the GoCoder SDK and you can receive assistance on transitioning your app here:


It is working fine at broadcasting.

But when it’s show in JWPlayer broadcasted video is rotated.

I want to show that video in portrait mode only, If video is rotated then user rotate his device to see it proper.


Ritesh Darji.