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VideoChat example question

in /examples/VideoChat example, how can we change the video source? or can we config an option to switch source?



The VideoChat example has the source code available. You can modify it according to your needs.

The VideoChat player is a Flash based application. If you right-click your mouse while the mouse pointer is on top of the player, you can select the Settings option. In the Flash pop-up screen you should be able to select the input source for both video and audio.

I hope this helps.


Thank you for the question. How do I set the output sie to 16:9 . This is my code

camera.setMode(660, 371, 12, false);

camera.setQuality(0, 100);


So I tried to setup 660 width and 371 height to have 16:9, but it always output 3:2 ratio in the flash player.


Now I use what you suggest

if(camera != null)


camera.setMode(640, 320, 12, false);

camera.setQuality(0, 89);



It still output 3:2 on the flash player

Does anyone have any experience in setting VideoChat to output to 16:9 widescreen?

Have you tried using 640x320?