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videochat examples failed to play the live streaming on HLS (.m3u8 output)

I would like to do a demo on videochat with WOWZA which using the PC camera and mic and play the livestreaming on iPhone.

I tried the example f videochat

And work between 2 PC but failed to play via HLS (.m3u8 output)

I also created Transcoder and using smil file, but still failed.

And I have tried to use “mediastreamingvalidator” to check the m3u8 URL, it loaded few seconds and return the below error:

Error: Measured peak bitrate compared to master playlist declared value exceeds error tolerance --> Detail: Measured: 0.00 kb/s, Master playlist: 250.00 kb/s,

Error: inf% --> Source: http://{My testing server}:1935/videochat/testing_360p/playlist.m3u8 --> Compare: chunklist_w376053353.m3u8

Error: HTTP 404 - not found --> Detail: (null) --> Source: chunklist_w376053353.m3u8

Error: Illegal MIME type --> Detail: MIME type: (null) --> Source: chunklist_w376053353.m3u8

Did anyone get the same issues?

Thanks, yes it work.