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VLC hangs on playing a live audio stream

If I try to play a live audio stream when there are no other players, VLC will hang with 50% cpu utilization. The stream is 24k bit rate, 44100 samples per second. but VLC codec information shows 22050 samples.

The second concurrent connection to wowza works fine.


Please do not leave this stream running, as a running stream destroys the concurrency test.

Wowza Media Server 2 Subscription 2.2.3 build26454

Same issue as other post?


I’m not following exactly, but does this help?:


The VLC hang will connect to Wowza, and Wowza connects to the source live stream. VCL does not properly negotiate the protocal.

In the Iphone situation Wowza does not try to connect to the source live stream.