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VLC Media Player

I have been working to setup a new streaming server(first time using Wowza) using WOWZA 4.1.2 with transcoders. I was able to get encoders streaming to the server and get the transcoders working. I tried the test players and everything was seeming to work great. The stream I am using is just audio.

When I tried streaming to VLC media player the stream has a popping noise between the segments.

I tried:

cupertinoEnableDataEvents set to False

cupertinoAlwaysSendZeroPacketLen set to true

that didn’t help.

I then tried cupertinoExtXVersion set to 1 and that helped for a little while and then the problem came back.

What other settings do I need to look at?

This is now being dealt with as a support ticket.


you should have to meet wowza support service they will guide you…