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Vlc RTP Live

Hello, we are using EC2 with wowza , tried the vlc method (as wowza in ec2 already have installed rtplive) but does not work.

Also the url for the streammanager does not load(just show the server details as any other random url)

Here is the command being used

vlc -vvv -I rc dshow:// :dshow-vdev="CyberLink Web Camera Filter" :dshow-adev="External Mic (IDT High Definiti" :dshow-size="640x480" --sout "#transcode{venc=x264{keyint=60,profile=baseline,level=3.0,nocabac,qpmax=36,qpmin=10,me=hex,merange=24,subme=9,qcomp=0.6},vcodec=x264,vb=500,scale=1,acodec=mp4a,ab=96,channels=2,samplerate=48000}:rtp{dst=,port-video=10000,port-audio=10002,sdp= file://d:/vlc.sdp}"

and this is the vlc.sdp file contents

o=- 14910574936334423556 14910574936334423556 IN IP4 Elendil
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
a=tool:vlc 0.9.9
m=audio 10002 RTP/AVP 96
a=rtpmap:96 mpeg4-generic/48000/2
a=fmtp:96 streamtype=5; profile-level-id=15; mode=AAC-hbr; config=1190; SizeLength=13; IndexLength=3; IndexDeltaLength=3; Profile=1;
m=video 10000 RTP/AVP 97
a=rtpmap:97 H264/90000
a=fmtp:97 packetization-mode=1;profile-level-id=42c01e;sprop-parameter-sets=Z0LAHpJUBQHtgIgAAAMACAAAAwGUeLF1,aM4yyA==;

note that the vlc.sdp file was copied to the server(content folder) so that is not really the issue, also when testing on iphone it shows file not found

Thanks for your help

I do not know of any such solution. At one point On2 had an ActiveX encoder that would run in the browser but I think it was VP6 only.


There was an error in earlier docs, might be the problem. The StreamManager is here, using port 8086:


You do need to start this kind of stream with SteamManager first, before you can play it in IPhone, that’s why stream not found.


Did you copy the vlc.sdp file into the [install-dir]/content folder? The order is:

  • Start Wowza Server 2.0

  • Start encoding with VLC

  • Copy vlc.sdp to the [install-dir]/content folder of Wowza Server 2.0

  • Use the stream manager to start the stream (using rtp media caster type and stream name vlc.sdp)

  • Check in the logs, you should see the stream being packetized

  • Try to play the stream in Flash

  • Try to play the stream on the iPhone


I would say that it is a firewall issue or your VLC command is not sending the stream to the server running Wowza. You should see firstPacket log statements for each of the UDP ports to which you see bind statements. Be sure that UDP ports 10000-10003 are open on your firewall. Be sure you are sending the stream from the encoder to Wowza properly.


You need to be sure you open the right kind of ports. For RTP the ports are UDP. So be sure you are opening UDP ports:

ec2-authorize default -P udp -p 10000-10003

QuickTime Broadcaster can either use RTSP/RTP (Automatic Unicast Announce) or native RTP with an SDP file (Manual Unicast). So if you want to simulate what VLC is doing you want manual unicast. You can export an SDP file from the File->Export menu.


Very strange. Not sure where to go from here. I just tried this again today with an EC2 image that I have up and running and it is working fine. If you send me the ip address of your instance I can try to send a stream to it and play it back to see if I can get it to work. Send it to I assume you are running the default startup package?


I am not sure what you mean by this:

do you know of any flash-java based that allows to stream-transcode


I would copy the sdp file before starting in StreamManager.

Try it in LiveVideoStreaming example player with

Server: rtmp://...*:1935/rtplive

Stream: vlc.sdp

Is there anything interesting in the log files?


If you don’t change any vlc settings you can use the same sdp file.


The only way I know to test is put it all together and see if it works. This is the Quicktime Broadcaster guide:


Actually, we’re not promoting consulting, Wowza does software. We would like to see this start working for you. The usual problem between two computers is ports and firewalls.


On EC2, it is the Security Group. You have to add ports to the security group. The Wowza EC2 guide has instructions.


That looks okay.

I would focus on EC2 security groups, getting that right.

You need to add UDP ports in some case,TCP in others. The CIDR values is always “” <-- check that

Are you using the Firefox ElasticFox plugin?


Look at this post:


You won’t need all these, and I don’t remember why I have half of them, but for reference this my default security group:


You need to add:

UPD 6970 - 9999


Won’t work because Flash plugin does not encode to h.264 baseline 3, which is required by IPhone.


You can use enocder that does rtmp or rtp/rtsp push.


How can we test two things for our streaming?

  1. Cam on mac with broadcaster to a diff server, to confirm stream can be received?

  2. A diff stream to our EC2 server

Therefore narrowing down where the pipe is clogged?