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VOD Asset Management & File upload

We are having an issue with upload time as well as with begin able to upload multiple fines. I understand that we should be able to upload up to 10 files at a time and up to 25GB per file.

I keep getting a message that tells me I can only do a single file at a time and BTW the upload is quite slow. Note that I am uploading these from a local drive. My connection is fairly fast.

Secondarily, how can we make files within our asset manager for VOD content so they are properly categorized (TV series, movies, etc.) And then also within those folders, sub folders per property… We have asked this question several times and have yet to get a straight answer.

We need to sort this out ASAP as we have commercial deadlines. Thanks!

Good morning, my apologies for the issues you are having. We were experiencing some transcoder issues over the weekend which may have resulted in slower upload times. We alerted customers to this through our status updates. Are you subscribed to that?

I have reached out internally to have your questions and concerns directly answered, especially for using tags in the CMS to organize your video library.