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VOD for 500 people

Need to screen a 500 megabyte 90min file to about 500 people, theoretically at / around the same time as we will have it expire after a certain time. We typically do Live streaming, first time really digging into the VOD optimization. What would the recs be on the server side for something like this? Looks like the only thing we can really do is setup a media cache is that it ?
Delivering HLS to JW Player

You can do this in Cloud if you’d like and would simply upload the file as the source. We cannot do this in ClearCaster at this time, but Engine is another choice as well if you’d like more control on your local server. But, Cloud is fast and easy to set up.

Feel free to email if you want more specific info on bandwidth needs for this workflow and which package you would need. They have a pricing calculator for which plan best fits your needs and budget.

Here is one as well to give you an idea.