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VOD http origin download files when not here


I have a wowza instance configured as a VOD http origin.

i would like to be able to fetch the requested files by the CDN on a other place via http

when they are not here in order to reencode them properly before they are available

on the wowza VOD http origin. is that doable somehow ?


Hi Damien,

From the previous description I am not able to precisely understand what is the call flow you wish to implement.

Do you want to request the VOD files that are located on a different HTTP server (CDN) in case the requested files are not stored locally on your Wowza server instance?

In this case, you can use the Media Cache functionality available with Wowza to retrieve content from a remote location, cache it locally, and deliver it through your VOD http origin application.

For implementing this scenario, you will need to use the “MediaCacheLocalFirstRandomAccessReader” module that will look for the requested content locally, and if it is not available it will try to fetch it using the Media Cache feature.

I hope it helps.