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VOD : List is files that are straming

Hi All,

Until now I used Wowza 3 as a console app. So I could see what files are actually streaming at this moment.

I’m using a Win 2K8 R2.

Now I migrated our servers tot Wowza 4.10, and run them as a service.

I really like the interface for monitoring, but is there a way to sow what files are streaming at that moment?

I used this to debug some issues (to see if the request enters the server, or if the file isn’t found, etc)

Can I see this from the UI, or is the only way to tail the log file ?


Hello there,

I do not know of a way to view the console output from the UI. That might be a candidate for a future feature.

You can use one of these HTTPProviders to get information from the server:

How to get connection counts for server, applications, application instances and streams with an HTTPProvider

How to get detailed server info with an HTTPProvider

You will have to check the log files for any errors that may arise from missing files etc.

Kind regards,