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VOD Playback lags with playbackRate increased

We are doing lecture videos in a VOD setting where we let the users select a playback speed. We previously used MySpeed which was a NPAPI plugin which no longer works in any major browsers and are switching to HTML5 playback.

When playback is increased, it hits the end of it’s buffer and stops. It isn’t a connection speed issue as we have 150Mbps fiber and streaming 720p video, and the server is only serving this one stream during development. We have implemented StreamLock and SecureToken and so are using an HTTPS protocol rather than the old RTMP.

We need to have it request the next part of the video earlier to make sure it doesn’t hit the end of the current segment without anything to transition to. Any tips?

Hi Alan,

You would probably need to look in to increasing the buffer size of your player.

The manifest that the player gets from Wowza Engine should have all chunks for the stream.