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VOD URL Not Found

Hi All,

I have a problem with VOD URL. I want to play recorded streaming with timestamp naming. This is my URL


the file exists inside /content directory, but when I try to access the URL via HLS Player, it shows error 404 not found. I’m trying to change the filename into testfile.mp4, and generate a new URL to this one and work well.


My question is, why the first URL is known as 404 files not found? is there any problem with the special character inside HLS URL?

Thank You

This is a quote from the WSE Manager help text on naming stream files @Yudhi Setiawan:

Enter a name for the stream file. The name value can’t contain less-than (<), greater-than (>), colon (:), quotation (’ and “), forward slash (/), backslash (), pipe (|), question mark (?), asterisk (*), double-dot (…), and tilde (~) characters.

These are against OS level naming rules as well:

Thanks for the explanation.

You’re welcome. It was a good question and will help others who try to use a similar naming system.


  1. Create VOD Application

  2. Load file in content

  3. Put link in player … eg.

  4. Play :)vlctestfile.pngfileplaying.png