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Is it possible to “make a phone call” to WOWZA server ? for example from Asteris ?

Currently I do not know of any Asterix integrations. The main issue is with the Nelly Moser audio codec that the Flash player client uses for audio compression. There are no known open source implementations and the licensing costs are quite high. This is what is needed to send audio data back and forth between Wowza Pro and Asterix.


Either Dave or Alex will contact you in the next day or so to chat about what we might be able to do.


I think there are folks that have done this. I do not know any specifically. I realize that this does not help but I thought I would throw it out there.


Wowza Pro is considering adding RTP out in a future release of the server. We do support RTP in (H.264 and AAC only). You can get access to the raw video and audio packets using this package:


We have added a more complete set of API’s for doing this in the next version of our product due out later this year. You can download a preview release here:

Take a look at the Publisher class as well as this package:


I have no direct experience with this.


it would be nice to have an application would be incorporated into a website that would be like or

Take a look at this post:

It is a 3rd party plug in. They may me able to comments on the performance aspects.

Yes, it is possible. We have the proper APIs in the server to make this work.


I don’t have any experience with ASAO decoder from NellyMoser. I did find an open source decoder at Google code ( I am not sure of the legality of this decoder but it is out there.


Yes, take a look at this package:


The Wowza Pro Advanced edition should have more of the pieces. We are adding support for Speex in and out over RTSP/RTP. You can sign up for a preview here:


We are adding Speex in/out over RTSP/RTP. This should enable a mean to have a phone conversation using Flash 10.


I am not sure I understand the question here.


lets say that I have the software ( decoder ) which decode nelly moser asao… If I have that… is it posiible to built an application … lets say video conference application… where people can also take part as audio member by calling on some number ( asterisk ?! )

May i have more details about the integration between the NellyMoser 's decoder and your proper API, please. How many connection can we made ?



I’m currently interested in doing a similar thing, but could you give any aditional hints on how to do this using the API? I’ve searched through it and I still have no clue on how to do it.

I saw your post with a PassThru stream, so correct me if I’m wrong. My idea is to intercept video/audio packets, converting them to an apropriate codec (e.g.: h264). Meanwhile, a SIP call was initiated.

The problem is, I must then create a stream with the packets I receive from the SIP call and make it available to the flash client. Can this be done? How?

Please correct me if I’m wrong and feel free to give additional ideas.


We are initiating a project of using a flash client to send and receive voice to a Sip Server. The challenges are so far:

1 - Transcoding RTMP to RTP and RTCP

2 - Controlling the SIP connection to a SIP server.

Anyone who wants to join forces just drop me a ote.



How can we connect?

The work is divided in two major tasks:

  • Provide a real time media sink between FSM and Sip Server.

  • Establish the SIP connection. For this we have found good alternatives.

We are starting the project, so if you can join along that would be great.