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Volume very quiet with JW FLV player 4.0 (Wowza 1.5.5)

When I play back files in the JW FLV player the volume is very quiet. The same source file streaming from Quicktime server into VLC player is a good level of audio.



I don’t know which version of the JW Player you use or which version of the swfobject.js (if you do) but I can tell you that the player lets you set a default volume level by adding a parameter to your javascript or object & embed code. An example may well look like this depending…


Over time the default setting in the JW Player FLA files have varied.

Hope this is helpful as I haven’t noticed a problem using Wowza 1.5.3 and the JW Player 3.16 I’ve stayed away from version 4.0 while Jeroen is still implimenting features and solving some open bug reports. We’ll move to verion 4.3 once it is stable.

Regards - Jimb

I’m also interested in this matter. Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks for the quick reply Jimb.

I’m using 4.0 and I’m already setting the volume to 100 in the flashvars.

Any other ideas?