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Vr 4k server specicfications


What server specifications are required for vr 4k(4096x2048, 2min) video and for up to 100 users to access streams simultaneously?

4K->FullHD transcoding will likely be processor intensive. It will change based on several factors like the incoming bitrate, the number of transcoded outputs, and hardware. I do think that a graphic accelerator would likely be needed.

The Transcoder in Wowza Streaming Engine supports accelerated video encoding and decoding using NVIDIA graphics cards. Server specifications for NVIDIA NVENC and NVIDIA CUDA acceleration with Wowza Streaming Engine transcoding are shown in the following article:

For reference the following is the nVidia page where they show what video encode/decode features are supported in different cards.

The article below shows the transcoder benchmarks for what GPU and CPU acceleration methods we have officially tested:

This article here shows how to capture your own benchmarks when you will test your own hardware: