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Want to know which player is better to use for developer community - jwplayer or Gocoder


we have started using wowza engine from 2 months, now we would like to develop application demand on video and also want to provide options to upload live video from application to wowza engine. Like to know which is better player to use for streaming and playback. Whether to use jwplayer of gocoder. Please provide comparision matrix so it will be helpful for deciding.



JW Player plays back both live and VOD content. GoCoder is an encoder for live streaming only.

So Gocoder does not come with player. Which one you recommend to use as a player to be used with Gocoder. We are a startup and does not want to go with paid versions of player, can you please suggest.

Every person and company has a different opinion on what player or players they may want to use. Only you can determine which player is best for you and your environment.

JW Player does provide a free version but it is limited.

As you are a current Wowza customer you can use our Wowza Player for free. It supports H.264 video and stereo AAC audio which is recommend for all VOD and live content regardless of the player you use.

We also have a list of players that work with Wowza Streaming Engine.

You can also use the HTML5 video tag for playback of content.