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Warning: modified in the future

When I build my project using Wowza IDE I get a warning saying:

“Warning: [path].class modified in the future.”

The app isn’t working as it used to, I don’t know if it’s to do with that warning or if it’s some other reason.

[edited: I actually found why i wasn’t wworking, but i’m still recieving that warning]

Any info will be much appreciated.


It sounds like a file time issue. I would double check the compiled .class files to see if the date on one of them is way off in the future. You may want to delete all the .class files generated in the [workspace]/[project]/bin folder and rebuild from scratch to see if the problem goes away.


Thanks Charlie, The problem disappeared after I restarted my machine.

It was nothing to do with Wowza IDE, as I started getting an error in flash IDE -which was to do with making changes in the future-.

So it was a general issue…