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Wawza DRM protected steaming.

Question is related to Wowza streaming with DRM protection by buyDrm.

Suppose i have a “abc.mp4” file on Amazon S3 and i want to stream it using Wowza.

In case of streaming for IOS Wowza will stream HLS (in form of .m3u8 and .ts segments)

I assume Wowza will stream HSL with DRM encrypted and I need to provide DRM key to Apple QuickTime player to play the stream.

In case of Android Wowza will stream RTP stream of “abc.mp4”, so this stream will be DRM encrypted or not?

If it is DRM encrypted then how should i play it using Android, do i need to write my own application for that or buyDrm provides some APIs.

There is no detailed information on buyDrm web site about this.

No, DRM is a premium Addon that you have to purchase a license for and configure. It is not built-in or automated.

DRM over RTSP to Android or other devices is not supported.