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We need an expert for our system OBS+ Wowza


We need an expert for our streaming system based on followings;

-OBS studio
-Wowza Streaming Engine installed on ubuntu(on a seperate server)


Wowza gets the live stream from OBS studio and converts it to APPLE-HLS stream also embeds HLS Date tag.

Theoplayer gets the videostream, checks the time tag, fixes the latency on 10 seconds for all clients.

So far our system is working but we are not happy with the performance and video quality. So we need an expert to make the final adjustment, improve the overall quality.

I should inform the experts this project is a continous project and we are doing similar projects, so this is just like meeting.Also speaking good english is a important.

I’m on UTC -4 available between 08:00 to 18:00

Email on

Big latency is specific to transcoding and HLS delivery.

Direct HTML5 streaming without additional transcoding is possible with WebRTC.

Compare streaming methods using this solution that also uses Wowza SE and supports WebRTC and also RTMP, RTPS to HLS/MPEG-DASH transcoding.


That website uses the streaming solution, available as open source WordPress plugin.