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Web Player for Multicast

Wowza works fine with VLC for multicast, but I am looking for a web-based player, which can support multicast.

I don’t want to install VLC on every PC in our enterprise…a web-based player would make things much easier.

Any recommendations?


VLC can be embedded within a web page. See this example for instance. May be the easiest (and cheapest) way to get yourself a multicast enabled embedded web player.

It can even run as the web server


There are some cross-browser examples here.

However, it looks like the cab version (for IE) isn’t available anymore, due to the cost associated in getting a signed activex control.


I think it’s just quite hard right now to find a universal multi-protocol embedded web player… There are murmurings of heading towards a more interoperable standard, but for now if you want the least pain and most compatibility then you may have to pay for it - for example using the JWPlayer or Flowplayer premium offerings…



I shouldn’t reply late at night… I don’t think those premium players can do multicast - yet… You may be able to concoct something using our Push Publishing module to another Wowza server or other destinations, but that’s probably going beyond your original request. VLC still seems like best option even with its limitations.


I played around with embedding VLC as html code, but it’s a nightmare supporting various browsers. I could not find a simple html code for VLC that would at least work with IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Do you have any examples?