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Web Player supported to all devices

I am little confused to select a good website player which allows Wowza’s VOD Stream to play in all devices ( desktop, android, iphone, ipad ). Initially I tried with JwPlayer and found that it has some limitation in streaming protocol support.

JW Player Protocol limitation :

In Flash mode, on all browsers, RTMP Streaming of MP4, FLV, AAC and MP3 files

In HTML5 mode, only on iOS, HTTP Live Streaming of MP4 and AAC files.

Android Limitation :


HTTP/HTTPS progressive streaming

HTTP/HTTPS live streaming draft protocol:

MPEG-2 TS media files only

Protocol version 3 (Android 4.0 and above)

Protocol version 2 (Android 3.x)

Not supported before Android 3.0

Note: HTTPS is not supported before Android 3.1.

After analyzing it, I tried with http protocol ( f4m and m3u8 ). But f4m does not work without flash support. So I planned to go with HTML5 player. Could you please tell me how to play Wowza’s VOD Stream ( rtmp / rtsp / http / etc ) in a web player that supports all devices ?

Please suggest a web player which support all devices with wowza streaming

Thanks in advance


Currently there isn’t a single web player that supports all deices (that I’m aware of).


Oh! Thanks Jason.

Creating such a player which has support android, ios, W8, etc for both live and ondemand streaming is a very difficult one. Currently it has a lot to do with the transport mechanisms DASH, HLS, etc:

See also