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Webcam recording applications not supported by Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

Good morning,

I’ve created a recording application starting from the “webcamrecording” sample provided with Wowza. It works as expected, but if I try to manage it from the Streaming Engine Manager I get the following error:

"This application type is not supported by Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

If you have upgraded from an older version, then Learn how to upgrade your application, or you can configure it using the XML files on the server directly."

Are webcam recording applications supposed to work with the Engine Manager? If not, do you plan to support them soon? Regarding the sample application version, I’m pretty sure it’s the lastest, being that it comes with the same installer of the wowza software.

Thank you in advance


It sounds like the Webcam recording application doesn’t have a Wowza Streaming Engine compatible Application.xml

You can update the Application.xml by following the steps in 6 a and b in the Upgrade guide here.

It basically involves adding/updating a few lines to the Application.xml. The webcamrecording application is actually a vod type application.


You can try this solution (free to download and try) that works fine with latest Wowza Streaming Engine:

You could check the Application.xml if you need a sample to update some other app.