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Webcam RTSP restreaming to LEVEL 3 CDN


We are searching a technical solution to stream video IP cams (AXIS RTSP) to a very large audience.

The video streams need to be available on RTMP into Flash Players. (on a website)

We know that it’s possible to send the RTSP video stream to our WOWZA 3 instance on EC2.

WOWZA will provide us two RTMP video stream.

But we need to re-stream those 2 RTMP stream to our CDN : LEVEL 3 to be able to stream to a very large audience

What is the best solution to “re-stream” those two RTMP to our CDN ?

Have Wowza the capabilities to do that ?

We are searching for a Wowza Expert to help us to develop or install that feature on our server.

Many thanks for your help.

There is the RTMP Push Publishing addon you can request:

You can also get a list of independent Wowza consultants by sending a request to

Many thanks for your help.

I will contact some of the expert to have help on that case.

If you have a solution or script available to Transcript RTSP video to RTMP via CDN = PLEASE CONTACT ME !

Yes, you can get the script from the first link: