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Webcam Video Recorder for PHP scripts

This project is fully compatible with Wowza Streaming Engine 4 which is the rtmp server type we recommend for recording.

Can easily be integrated with PHP scripts.

Main features:

  • 100% Web Based Webcam Recording

  • Record, Stop, Preview, Approve, Discard and Retry

  • HD h264 support (customizable quality settings)

  • MP4/FLV that can be played over RTMP / HTTP

  • RTMP Player included

  • Strobe Player integration

  • JwPlayer integration

  • JPEG high quality snapshots

  • Browse Recordings

  • Browse and Download Video Files

  • JavaScript control support

  • HTML5 video conversion for iPhone, iPad, iPod

    Can be downloaded for free for testing and development (some limitations apply to free mode).

    More details on project page:

    Ps: Latest version includes parameters to force container selection (FLV/MP4) as sound did not work with default MP4 container used by WowzaStreamingEngine for H264 (Speex/NellyMoser not supported by MP4 container).