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WebRTC Based multi user Video Chat and live stream the same to my website/youtube for viewers

I want to build an application using Wowza streaming which should have the ability for Multi-users WebRTC conference call and live stream the conference call to My website/youtube for viewers.

I am new to this so want to know is it possible with Wowza and WebRTC? and can you share some details or reference links?

Wowza does not currently support a composite of webrtc streams. Wowza Streaming Engine can ingest source WebRTC audio and video content and deliver it to supporting players. It can also transmux or transcode WebRTC to other streaming protocols, including HLS, HDS, RTMP, RTSP, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

You can ingest one or a few WebRTC streams and deliver them to a few viewers via WebRTC. But, that is WebRTC to WebRTC only.

It sounds like you would like a live video chat conference with multiple people speaking back and forth and be able to share that on social media. The only option we have for that at this time is send a Zoom meeting to Wowza as RTMP and we will create a playback link for you to embed on your own website and for social media.

Wowza will be be releasing new webrtc features in the near future.

Hello Rose,

Could you give a little details about the ingesting/delivering WebRTC for viewers solution please ?

When you say a few, how many incoming and outgoing connexion Wowza streaming engine can handle ?

In the case described by Saymous Dev, a conference call of let’s say 10 participants would ask WSE to handle a 100 connections, Add to that 10 connections per extra viewers ans we’re quickly talking a few hundreds connections on WSE’s side.

Is there known limits of connections amount per Application ? per server instance ?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone there??

WebRTC Publishing: Wowza WebRTC is not really built for video conferencing the way you describe. If you had 10 connections through WebRTC, only one person could speak at a time. In other words, the microphone and camera can only be shared by one connection at a time.

Playback and Viewers: The scaling part is possible even if you convert the WebRTC playback to HLS. We could handle 100 connections in WebRTC, but the quality may suffer. We’d most likely suggest you deliver the WebRTC stream as HLS so you can easily scale to hundreds of thousands with a quality video.

Not sure of you browsed our docs on our site yet for WebRTC:

You can also email to get a better idea of what we can do to support your workflow. The sales engineers can direct you with a free consultation.