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WebRTC connection from FireFox getting disconnected after 5+ seconds

We are using WebRTC broadcasting from a page in our website to one of our Wowza servers running version 4.8. The broadcaster when using the latest FireFox is getting disconnected from the server after 5+ seconds, If retried several times it would be able to hold connection for a minute or so but still gets dropped. No errors or whatsoever from the inspect console in the broadcaster page side and no errors as well in the server logs except for the disconnect event info. In Chrome it seem to work after 2 or more retries and would hold the connection for good. This was working properly before in version 4.7.7 and seem to start acting up like this after we upgraded the server to 4.8 without any server config/settings or code changes.

This is being discussed on the WebRTC channel on the Livestreaming Slack. Community members are offering sample code and fixes there if you wanted to be a part of that conversation.

I will join Livestreaming Slack. Thanks

Please see this forum post from just a few days ago- thanks.