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WebRTC + Firefox = ICE failed each 1 in 6-10 attempts. It is Wowza or Mozilla fault?

My application is to stream IP Live Cameras up to 64 mosaic on the client.

It works marvelous fine on Chrome but in Firefox, it simply fail about 15% of attempts.

All my tests are on local network and one thing I notice is lack of one line on the server log.

On Chrome it always shows the follows (it never failed):

INFO server comment - WebRTCRTPHandler.bind: port:3
INFO server comment - WebRTCRTPHandler.bind: port:4
INFO server comment - Handshake complete

On Firefox, some times it didn’t shown the lines above and when this happens, it came to a ICE Failed on the client console.

Can you help me? It some bug on the DTLS Handshake on Firefox or Wowza WebRTC Preview implementation?

Appreciate any help cause I intend to use this in production level (it is taking too long for WebRTC to exit preview level and since it work perfectly in Google Chrome I will take the risk)

PS: I own 5 perpectual licenses of wowza stream engine.

I am having this same issue in Firefox

Please be sure when using WebRTC with Firefox, you have UDP enabled as the ice candidate. Firefox with TCP is not a supported webrtc workflow at this time at Wowza in Streaming Engine.

To make sure you have UDP enabled as the top ICE candidate in Streaming Engine, please click here: