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I have a Wowza Server with WebRTC Preview installed, and the html example is working fine on the supported browsers.

The question is…

Can I use this system to make an application like AppRTC for iOS?

Using WebRTC.framework provided by Google.


we are looking into doing this, too.

Hello @Alessandro Capoferri

Yes, you can use the Wowza Streaming Engine WebRTC Preview to make an iOS app. While WebRTC is in Preview, we do not have samples for this.

One that should work is this one:



I am looking into this too. But it is confusing. Apparently wowza doesn’t support TURN, and all the sample code uses it. The sample code uses a webservice for signaling about the channel state, and this is also missing from wowza. Would be great if there was a sample app with a wowza connection working. Also would be great to know if H264 is supported with wowza in relayed mode.

PLEASE HELP IN IOS to implement webrtc with wowza

HELP me Reagarding this