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WebRTC loading RTMP remote stream long time


I want to develop one-to-many streaming application with WebRTC Preview Add-on. I have RTMP incoming stream and if I tried load that stream into WebRTC play example, it takes very long time (about 10 minutes) when I can watch stream in

Can you help me for improve this time of loading? Thanks

As appendix I can add logs from chrome://media-internals, where event PLAY was fired after 11 minutes:


00:00:00 00 url {6054029e-d72d-4a25-b378-7000d25276e1}

00:11:32 701 event PLAY

+1 on this question. I’ve found that, in the context of an origin/edge deployment, I can adjust the timeout using IApplicationInstance.getWebRTCApplicationContext().setPlayTimeoutRepeater() at the edge application, but setting the value too low can cause the SDP returned to the client to be incomplete (missing video in most cases of error). Documentation on the behavior of this method would be helpful. It would also be helpful if there was a method or property to inspect to determine when complete SDP is available for a stream rather than waiting for a timeout.

I hoped that will be some minor issue :slight_smile: Now, I don’t use any server-side Java API custom modules and classes. Maybe someone from Wowza team will answer us. Thanks for your post.