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WebRTC not showing up as incoming stream


I do have an issue with a client, who tries to send a webrtc input stream through out web application, current chrome. I do have a console, which does not show any issues, also the Wowza logs do not show anything which could lend me towards an issue.

But: the admin engine interface does not show the stream incoming at all, even though there is no webrtc error. Current chrome, most recent Streaming Engine version.

Any clues? Could it be a firewall issue on the client side?


securityPublishRequirePassword true Boolean

pushPublishMapPath ${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/conf/${com.wowza.wms.context.Application}/PushPublishMap.txt String

webrtcEnablePublish true Boolean

webrtcEnablePlay true Boolean webrtcEnableQuery true Boolean

webrtcIceCandidateIpAddresses —external-ip—,udp,1935 String

webrtcUDPBindAddress String

HLSChunkDuration 2000 String

webrtcPreferredCodecsAudio opus,vorbis,pcmu,pcma String

webrtcPreferredCodecsVideo h264 String

Hello @Helga Husmann,

What version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you using?

If you are on 4.7.7, please review the following support article and reconfigure your WebRTC application:

Looking at the WebRTC configuration you provided, I would suggest removing the port number in the webrtcUDPBindAddress field.

General rules for setting the webrtcUDPBindAddress field:

<!--  IP address, transport, and port used for WebRTC streaming. -->
<!--TCP format: [wowza-streaming-engine-external-ip-address],tcp,[port] -->
<!--UDP format: [wowza-streaming-engine-external-ip-address],udp -->

Hope this helps.


Alex C

Wowza Support