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WebRtc offline


is possible to setup StreamLock certificate to work offline?

I’ll have to configure WebRtc in a close network with no internet access.

In all my test i have security issues relate to SSL certificate.

I have also tried with self signed certificate with no result.

Is possible to solve this problem? or work with WebRtc without ssl certificate?


Do the subscribing clients have internet access, or is everyone closed off from the internet? As long as the DNS the certificate belongs to can respond with a local IP of your server you should have no problem running webrtc on your local network. If your clients don’t have internet access, you’ll need your own CERT and a DNS inside the network, or you’ll need host file entries on all of the client machines (or find a network admin to handle it on the network side).

I don’t know if streamlock allows for local IP addresses. It it doesn’t, you’ll need your own cert and DNS

Everything is closed off the internet.

Thanks for answer.