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WebRTC over TURN

Hi, I’m don’t have any experience with WebRTC or TURN server and I’m trying to understand if I can use Wowza as a solution to my case:

Use case:

  • The client is behind his organization firewall that allows communication only over https.
  • The client should use my web page to watch the video.
  • My Wowza server is on AWS cloud.
  • I can’t touch/add servers to on the client’s network.

Is it possible for this user to get WebRTC video from Wowza on his browser? If possible, what should be the correct setup?


Happy to try and help you out @Yossi_Dar. You are correct that is a tricky scenario and not something wowza could support right out of the box. That would require some custom work outside the scope of Wowza’s WebRTC offering.

I’d like to suggest you join our public livestreaming slack channel for free and go to our webrtc channel in there. There are developers and engineers from around the world discussing various WebRTC projects and I believe this was discussed if you search the thread. Not sure if anyone actually had any success with it, but if you can’t find the conversation, feel free to ask again or even post in the hire channel to see if a third party consultant can help out.

You can join here: