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WebRTC playback when using a transcoder

Hey Guys, Im struggling to get a decent picture when using a transcoder & WebRTC Playback, My Workflow is as follows,

Stream a Master RTMP Stream Either 1080i50 OR 1080p25 approx 10mbit to Wowza Streaming Engine, This then is sent to destination via a stream target, And its also sent to a transcoder -> h264 .5mbit low res for Webrtc playback in realtime on mobile devices, the video attached is the result, I have been able to fix it using VP9 but then the colours are all off hue. Anyone experience this?

Video Capture

This is on windows using chrome, But the results are the same usng mobile and other browsers
If i play the transcode using vlc and rtmp - the playback is fine. so only using webrtc

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the new topic… I have exactly same results like this video.

I tested with many different source stream, e.g.

  • RTSP H.265 CCTV
  • RTMP from OBS H.264
  • with VBR, CBR, sRGB, 601 color space…

all result was same. Jerky H.264 or broken VP9 colors.