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WebRTC Player liverepeater-edge/liverepeater-edge-lowlatency 8 seconds latency?

I deployed two server roles, Live-edge and Live-Origin, in our development and test environment. I tested the “On demand mode”. When the client accesses it, I can automatically pull the stream, and the client can disconnect it. The characteristics of automatically cutting off the flow are very satisfactory. But I found that when we use the example “WebRTC player” provided by Wowza to play the video stream on the “Live-Edge” role, we need to click the “Play” button multiple times to play the video, and the following prompt “Waiting for Stream” XXXXX", I would like to ask what is the reason, can it be realized by clicking the “Play” button to play immediately? I have set Live-Edge to “liverepeater-edge-lowlatency”, but there is no obvious improvement. Because our project is very demanding on loading delay and playback delay, this determines whether we can purchase Wowza for the project, please help us solve this problem, thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing so much information. If I understand correctly, you’re trying to scale a webrtc stream through a CDN, but the Origin/Edge configuration of Wowza Streaming Engine does not support WebRTC.

  • To send a WebRTC stream from Wowza Streaming Engine to a Wowza CDN endpoint, you must transcode it to RTMP or Apple HLS. Which protocol you should use depends on how you configure the Wowza CDN endpoint.

If I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish, please submit a support ticket so that a Wowza engineer can explain in more detail after they view your configuration. In the forums, we can offer guidance, but we do not review code. I feel confident Wowza can help you with your project, we just need to have a better understanding of it in a ticket with access to your Wowza files. Tickets are free even on a trial.

Our current problem has nothing to do with Wowza CDN, mainly two Wowza Stream Engine, one as Live Origin Server, one as Live Edge Server, and we actually tested that Live Edge Server supports Web RTC.